Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cage face

I have a tendency to make a mess when I'm working traditionally - alot of collage, bits and glue sprawl quicky away from my designated desk zone. I have piles of cuttings and textures that I sometimes throw on the floor in a heap to see if something will come out of it. occasionally I'll see something that resembles a face or character and then I'll stick it together or take a photo. This guy was lurking on one of these mess heaps.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Character and Ident designs for a Danish TV channel back in 2008. I think they went down a live action route in the end - ho hum.

Old doodles

Can't remember when these were done - a few years back. I definitely would like to take these and similar sketches to a colour stage. These were A3 sketches and feel nice and loose.

Some Chop Socky Chooks lighting keys

Much fun putting these together...and many more to follow. To recap, Chop Socky Chooks is a kids series for Cartoon Network, produced by Aardman & Decode in Canada - it's currently doing the rounds in the UK at some unearthly hour in the morning. but by all accounts the kids are loving it. I was Art Director on the show and spent a good chunk of time providing colour and lighting scripts for different environments. Some keys are worked over basic 3d models whilst some of the earlier artwork was created from scratch. I will try to dig out some really early character development sketches from Danny Capozzi (production designer) which I then worked up for the art direction.

More show info here:



Quite a few images to come in this category - artwork for jobs that didn't quite cut the mustard...it's all good for character building though.

More little fellas to colour up in the not so distant future.

Lazer Grazer doodles

Found these initial sketches for a piece posted last year (possibly the first one?). I need to get my head around tagging etc....

E4 Christmas Idents

Back in 2007 I was approached by E4 (UK TV channel) to produce a series of Christmas idents. E4 are great fun to work with - no real tight limitations - just the opportunity to make short, irreverent spots.

Here's some sketches for main characters - an old lady named Granta Clores and her low tech method of crap present distribution. The colour sketch of the old lady was by Adam Cootes,  an incredibly talented character designer and animator at Aardman. He helped out as time got tighter and tighter and he set the animation tone for the spots.

To view the animation, hit this link: